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TEST CONSULTANT is an authorized distributor for Testonica in Asia markets to provide all embedded test & Measurement solutions that are available under Testonica.


Testonica provides an all in one framework to conduct embedded functional test & measurement, a revolutionary method for board and system level test. Here are the key advantages of Testonica:

Improve Test Quality

Quick Instruments technology enhances functional test coverage as well as provides diagnostic data for troubleshooting.

Lower Test Development Costs

Quick Instruments technology enhances functional test coverage as well as provides diagnostic data for troubleshooting.

Reduce Test Escape Rate

The technology is targeting quality issues, marginal defects, timing related faults, performs BER/SNR estimations.

Seamless Integration

Quick Instruments can be seamlessly integrated into existing test flow (e.g. based on NI TestStand® or other test management software).

Bring-up Your Prototype Faster

Prototype bring-up becomes faster as the hardware validation and test can be done long before the product’s firmware is available to the HW design team.

Cloud-based Compilation

Use a cloud-based compilation platform for instrument placement (fine-tuning) on target product/board.

Application Areas of Quick Instruments by Testonica


Use Quick Instruments to achieve several test-related goals as describe below:

Prototype Bring Up


During a prototype bring-up and Functional Test development phase, a product designer may use Quick Instruments to validate the prototype long before the product’s firmware is available.

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Production Test


When applied just prior to the main functional test phase, Quick Instruments would screen out defective parts without the need to run long-lasting functional and application tests.

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Troubleshooting Station


Quick Instruments help to narrow down the defect caused functional test to fail, thereby shortening the repair and retest cycle, saving personnel costs, eliminating trial-and-error troubleshooting style and reducing the amount of unrepairable boards.

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Support & Training

Our engineering experts are available to provide support and training for your specific application.
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