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Boundary Scan solution for you to conduct software debug, chip debug, hardware validation and manufacturing test. Introducing Asset's ScanWorks, Platform for embedded instruments:

ScanWorks® tools validate, characterize and test chips and circuit boards in development, manufacturing and field service. Structural integrity tests can be re-used over the product’s life cycle. Statistical analysis and data mining of operating margins validates a design’s probable performance. Learn more about the value of Hardware Validation, Chip Debug and Manufacturing Test.

Boundary Scan Test

Excellent and high-resolution coverage of structural faults. The ScanWorks platform's boundary-scan/JTAG tools locate defects on individual pins and programs devices quickly,

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FPGA-Controlled Test

The ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT) product allows for IP to be inserted into an FPGA that is already part of the design to perform validation of buses, functional testing and other tests complementing your boundary scan tests for improved test coverage.


With IJTAG tools engineers can characterize, test and validate chips and boards through a standardized method (IEEE 1687) for accessing and managing instruments embedded in chips.

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Embedded Diagnostics

Embedding ScanWorks in-system pays off in a big way. Data leading up to a failure is stored so forensics can find root causes fast. And it works locally or remotely through the cloud.

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Processor Controlled Test

By tapping into the most powerful instrument onboard – the CPU – ScanWorks PCT performs structural diagnostics, at-speed functional test and board debug in one pass. And without an OS!

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FPGA Based Fast Programming

The ScanWorks FPGA-based Fast Programming (FFP) product allows for IP to be inserted into an FPGA that is already part of the design to dramatically speed up in-system device programming versus what can be accomplished with normal boundary-scan programming.

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Processor Based Fast Programming

Program flash devices at device programming speed with ScanWorks Processor-based Fast Programming (PFP). Saving time and money in production for devices connected to ARM and ARM Cortex based SoC’s.

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Hardware for ScanWorks

A range of hardware modules connect ScanWorks to the unit under test. Users select the controller or accessory best suited to the requirements of development, manufacturing or repair.

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