Test Consultant is an electronic engineering company, based in Penang, Malaysia that’s established in the year 2012. Test Consultant is a One Stop Test Solutions offering professional services to our customer that is specialized in electronic engineering services including Test Software Design Development, customization, System Integration, Test Fixture Design Fabrication, PCB Design, Layout, Routing and Fabrication etc.

Test Consultant is a Test Solution Provider for the Printed Circuit Board Assembly industry (PCBA) that specializes in Boundary Scan Test, Embedded Test as well as custom Integration Test Solutions. Test Consultant also provides full programming and support for all major types of Boundary Scan Test Systems and most of the widely used machines by the OEM and EMS that are manufactured today.

Test Consultant is investing heavily into new test technologies from aboard as well as developing new solutions in-house through partnership.

Electronics never stands still, as it is always getting more integrated, denser and smaller everyday with more features for a given unit area.

Test Consultant will always be seeking for new test technology from overseas as well as developing new solution in-house, through partnerships to cater for this. All tools used are originated from USA, UK and Germany which ensures stability and repeatability of test.

Last but not least, Test Consultant provides one stop turn-key solution to the latest ‘state of art’ test solutions in an innovative and cost-effective way. We look forward to being of service to you and your organizations in the future.