Memory Validation & Testing

TEST CONSULTANT develops electronics test solutions to conduct memory validation and testing with high speed flash programming.

Memory Validation & Testing

New generations of memory technology like DDR4 and LPDDR4 bring higher speeds, lower I/O voltage, and various form factors to meet different application needs. The result is new debug and validation challenges with tighter margins, faster edge rates and complex bus protocol.

Our Services

Test Consultant provides a variety of test technologies with easy-to-use software product that provides everything you need to configure, verify, and optimize the DDR memory of your board design. Reduce time in manufacturing by running the fastest comprehensive test solution.

Test examples:

  • Comprehensive DDR verification.
  • Fastest comprehensive test times.
  • Possible to test memory entire cells in seconds.
  • Calibrate, slash DDR configuration/tuning efforts and verify memories
  • Target memory devices/interfaces
    • Memory ICs - x4 / x8 / x16 / x32 / x64 / x72
    • Memory modules - RDIMM / SODIMM / UDIMM / LRDIMM
    • Interfaces - DDR4 / DDR3 / DDR2 / LPDDRx
    • Interfaces - QDR / RLDRAM (on request)

Support & Training

Our engineering experts are available to provide support and training for your specific application.
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Our support service package goes beyond product warranty replacement, providing you help to troubleshoot and correctly apply our solutions.
We provide on site training, covering product uses, application and testing concepts for beginners and advanced users.

Our Customers

We've worked with many electronics giants around Asia and have gained extraordinary experience with them.

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