Embedded Testing Solutions

TEST CONSULTANT develops electronics test solutions for embedded circuit boards, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA's) and cable assemblies to fulfill all your complex testing requirements, producing a highly effective and efficient testing programme.

Embedded Test Solutions

As miniaturization and complexity of embedded electronics increases, it is crucial to have the ability to conduct testing at every stage of the development. A comprehensive test solution would not only have the capabilities to test digital, static test of pins and networks, but also would be able to integrate functional testing for later stages of the development.

Our Services

Test Consultant provides a variety of test technologies for embedded circuit board test with fast flash programming capabilities. We'll interface with the circuit board based on the communication ports that are available such as JTAG, USB or Serial ports. We'll provide diagnostics table to enable you to conduct quick debug and execute speed test.

Test examples:

  • USB enumeration for all connected USB devices, including hubs.
  • Write/Read/Verify tests to media of mass storage devices (e.g. USB Thumb drive)
  • Ethernet port full packet testing, with loopback at the PHY and loopback with a cable.
  • Validate GPIO, I2C, SPI, CAN, and UART devices.
  • eMMC, SATA, NAND write/read/verify testing.
  • PCIe exists, verify testing (bus device, function, IDs)
  • ADC Value/range/sample testing.


Support & Training

Our engineering experts are available to provide support and training for your specific application.
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Our support service package goes beyond product warranty replacement, providing you help to troubleshoot and correctly apply our solutions.
We provide on site training, covering product uses, application and testing concepts for beginners and advanced users.

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