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TEST CONSULTANT is an authorized distributor for Kozio in Asia markets to provide all embedded software solutions that are available under Kozio.

Kozio Solutions

Kozio delivers software used to improve, verify and program circuit board designs during the prototype, testing, and manufacturing phases of product development. We provide solutions for:

DDR Calibration & Test

Automatic DDR optimization in under 30 minutes. Structural DDR testing in under 1 second. DDR noise testing in under 10 seconds. Comprehensive DDR cell testing as fast as 8 seconds per Gigabyte.

Functional Circuit Board Test

Test high-speed circuit board interfaces and devices in seconds. Extend test coverage using built-in functional tests for USB, Ethernet, PCI Express, MMC, NAND, and others.

Fast Flash Programming

Program flash mmeory up to 30X faster. Program NOR, NAND, SPI, QSPI, and MMC memories without complicated configuration steps. Reach programming speeds as fast as 10 Megabytes per second

DDR Calibration & Test with VTOS DDR

VTOS DDR is an easy-to-use software product that provides everything you need to configure, verify, and optimize the DDR memory of your board design. VTOS DDR is a standalone DDR verification tool that also integrates with Kozio’s VTOS Runner for automated production test. Eliminate months of DDR optimization and verification effort using VTOS DDR™. Reduce time in manufacturing by running the fastest comprehensive test solution.

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Fast Flash Programming with VTOS Program

A complete solution for optimal flash memory programming. Save time and money using the fastest methods possible for flash memory programming.

VTOS Program is a low-cost software product provides everything you need for fast on-board device programming; including file transfers from a PC over multiple interfaces (Ethernet, USB, etc.), file transfers from connected storage devices (SD Card, USB Flash Drive, etc.), and programming of Serial NOR Flash, Parallel NOR Flash, NAND Flash, SD/MMC, FPGAs, and EEPROM devices.

The VTOS Program user interface makes programming easy. You can program devices interactively, or generate automated programming sequences that can be executed from NI’s TestStand, custom test executives, or other third-party user interfaces. VTOS Program is a standalone tool that integrates with Kozio’s vAccess™ for automated programming tasks and supported JTAG hardware for programming bare boards.

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Functional Circuit Board Test with VTOS Scan

A complete solution fast circuit board functional running at full processor speeds. Test out new prototypes or reduce time and money during manufacturing testing.

VTOS Scan is a low-cost software product that provides everything you need to configure and validate the hardware interfaces of your board design; including GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, USB, Ethernet, PCI Express, CAN, SD/MMC, and SDIO. VTOS Scan is a standalone verification tool that integrates with Kozio’s vAccess™ for automated test and supported JTAG hardware for validating circuit boards without an operating system or boot loader.

VTOS Scan identifies interconnect faults and component placement problems on your printed circuit board. VTOS Scan is also a powerful standalone debug tool – quickly finding problems that prevent other embedded software from running.

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Support & Training

Our engineering experts are available to provide support and training for your specific application.
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Our support service package goes beyond product warranty replacement, providing you help to troubleshoot and correctly apply our solutions.
We provide on site training, covering product uses, application and testing concepts for beginners and advanced users.

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