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TEST CONSULTANT is an authorized distributor for Firecron Limited in Asia markets providing JTAG solutions, design and development of IEEE1149.1 infrastructure products, "Design For Test" D.F.T solutions under Firecron Limited.

Firecron Limited

Firecron is a world leader in the design and development of IEEE1149.1 infrastructure products, providing "Design For Test" D.F.T solutionsfor the communications, military and industrial systems markets amongst others. Over the past sixteen years Firecron has consistently developed world class Gateway, Controller and sequencer products, which is underlined by a "Blue Chip" customer base which would be the envy of most Semiconductor companies.

IEEE1149.x Gateway's

A wide range of IEEE1149.1 compliant gateways, controllers and sequencers. All of which can be used in isolation or combined to develop a wide-ranging test and diagnostics platform for use in the design lad factory and in the field.
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Design-For-Test Analysis

Extensive presales support to ensure our customer design the optimum board or system, to gain all the D.F.T advantages at the earliest stage. Firecron works with the design architect to ensure the initial concept can be realized.
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IEEE1149.x Test I.P.

Firecron constantly strives to offer more. More products, More I.P solutions, More pre and post sales support as well as D.F.T analysis. In essence Firecron is involved in most design programs from conception to delivery and beyond.
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Support & Training

Our engineering experts are available to provide support and training for your specific application.
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Our support service package goes beyond product warranty replacement, providing you help to troubleshoot and correctly apply our solutions.
We provide on site training, covering product uses, application and testing concepts for beginners and advanced users.

Our Customers

We've worked with many electronics giants around Asia and have gained extraordinary experience with them.

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